Online Defensive Driving Course Material May Be Superior to In-Classroom Handbooks

When a driver has received a moving violation, the last thing on their mind is the quality of the material that they will be studying in their state approved online defensive driving course. They usually just want to get through traffic school as quickly and as easily as possible, so that they can get on with their lives and try to get that ticket dismissed.

One of the recent innovations that has come with the web is the online defensive driving course. Students take this course in place of the traditional classroom-taught traffic school class, and receive the same certificate of completion that the other students get, while working from the comfort of home.

There are several reasons why someone might choose to take an online defensive driving course rather than going to the classroom. First is the convenience of location. For some, the nearest traffic school is halfway across town. Online schools allow them to work from their computers, and the web-based providers give them the opportunity to go one better and work from any Internet-enabled computer. That means the student can do some of their coursework at home and some at the office, or at a university computer lab, the public library, or even on a laptop at the local coffee shop. Location is key for these students.

Others appreciate the convenience of time. Taking a state approved online defensive driving course, depending on where the student lives, can be an all-day process. But with the web providers, students are sometimes permitted not only to work at any time of the day or night, but also to come and go from the course as their schedule permits, without putting in a minimum duration in order for the class session to count. That means that if the phone rings, the student doesn’t lose the ten minutes they’ve already put in, nor do they need to ignore the call. It can be very handy, especially in today’s busy world!

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