Website Design Trends to Be Ignored In 2019

Constantly, the ways of interaction with the people via websites are changing. It is a dynamic field and top website designing services in Delhi needs to be constantly updating themselves with the latest website design trends in order to remain on the top of the industry.


Apart from these website design trends, there are certain trends, which must be ignored by the website designers.


Trends Avoided by the Top Web Designing Company in Delhi


One Page Design

Earlier, this concept was very famous among the designers but in this era, it is an outdated one. So, going with this option will not result in something fruitful for your business. When all the content is available on the one page, then a user will not like to explore other web pages. This feature saves time for the user, as he/she does need to navigate the website.


The reason for avoiding this is that all the users will get available on the one page irrespective of their choices and desire for information they want. Getting information that does not want by them will result in frustration. The end result is quick to exit.


Social Media Feeds

Generally, top web designing company in Delhi opts for the real-time data via social media accounts. It is an amazing way to highlight the presence of social media on the website.


However, uploading social media feeds on the website sometimes can irritate the audience. Hence, many social media feeds can affect lead conversion.


Parallax Scrolling

It is a kind of computer graphics technique. In this, in comparison to the foreground images, background images move slowly. It creates immersion and illusion.


Earlier, it was considered as the best way to introduce the company’s products and services. Use of this will result in the loading of all the content on a page and it will affect the SEO. In fact, the use of Parallax Scrolling will make the website heavy in respect of loading.


Sterco Digitex is the best one in the field of the website designing. The teams of web designers takes care of these aspects and don’t use them while designing a website in order to deliver a productive website to their clients.

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